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Presidents can use words to unite, inspire, uplift, and educate. The words of Presidents have significant weight. We anxiously await the Presidents words. No longer an individual citizen, the President, and her/his words are recorded meticulously.


Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, often used words to unite and inspire Americans.


During the energy crisis of 1977, then President, Jimmy Carter, publicly called upon everyone to join together, and live modestly, in order to reduce or maintain energy consumption. In his television address President Carter used his Presidential Words to empower every citizen to join together as one community and do their part. 


Presidential words matter. 

Zen Dream Garden

(4)  8" x 8" hand silkscreen, original designs, on thick 140lb paper. Unframed.

These modern simple prints look great in black, white, natural frames.

Dream Garden

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