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To Webster James C. Smith Video Gift Committee:

This is an initial proposal for the Production of the JCS video gift.

With 25 years of experience in video/media production, I am confident that I can deliver the highest quality, most dynamic, video gift within the tight production schedule for completion by December 7, 2017. (If you want final delivered on 12/1, we can move up schedule)

I have extensive experience Producing and Directing projects in documentary, corporate, and commercial narrative film. My projects always complete on time, within budget, and with the highest standard of creativity, quality, and execution possible.


My designer and I have put together a few links which we find inspirational for this particular project.



Beautiful production value while incorporating archival footage and photos.

Creative example of tying together talking heads

Bold colors and graphics without being overwhelming

Candid, casual, colorful talking heads

Corporate look and feel, while music and editing deliver warmth and impact

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